"Which expert do you need, and does he or she fit with your organization?"

Long gone are the days when it was enough to find an interim manager or expert by looking for a name in your database. Maybe those days should have never existed. A company doesn’t need an external partner for such “services,” after all. Every HR manager has sufficient tools available to do the same thing.

Effective added value

When I decided to start up Experts@Business in late 2008, I was planning to offer companies an effective added value by trying to think of a solution to this problem. I didn’t just want to find the man or woman that could deliver the right expertise to our clients. I also wanted to ensure that he or she would thrive in the organization. What’s the use of working with an expert in his or her field if you can’t stand to work with them? To avoid this type of situation, I always begin with an in-depth interview with each of our clients which provides me with the information necessary to immediately get one or more of my partners on board, depending on the task at hand. 

Our partners

The partners and shareholders of Experts@Business  are the key to the added value that we offer. I got to know and to trust each of them throughout my years of working in the sector. Each partner is an expert in a certain field. In the first phase of a project, they offer advice, either individually or together, on how we could best help our clients. Together they will analyze the situation in a company, decide in what direction they should take the company and how that can best be achieved. They are therefore also the ones who, based on the insights they have gained over the years, will screen and select candidates for an interim assignment. 

Fixed supplier of Unizo

Unizo was so enthusiastic about the style of working that we developed here at Experts@Business, that they have partnered with us to develop their corporate governance project plan as described in the Buysse Code. As a result, we created 165 SME advisory boards, each with three independent directors, between early 2011 and the summer of 2014. During this period, our cooperation with Unizo greatly expanded. For example, we have already brought 60 projects to completion for the Expert@Board project.

Regardless of whether the client is an SME or a large company, regardless of whether their headquarters are in Belgium or elsewhere in Europe, the specific type of expertise that you need is of central concern in all of our services as well as whether or not he expert we’re sending you is a good fit for your company.

Danielle Binnemans, manager

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