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Terms & Conditions

  1. Unless otherwise expressly stated in the contract, the following terms and conditions shall apply to all relations with Experts@Business and shall complement the contract, insofar as they are not inconsistent with them.

  2. For the purpose of executing the contract, the client and the service provider must provide all current necessary and useful information and documents to Experts@Business so that they can make an accurate assessment of the size and execution needed to fulfil the contract. The client and service provider are solely responsible for the content of the documents which they have provided. Unless otherwise agreed, Experts@Business does not guarantee any form of exclusivity.

  3. Experts@Business, and all those who represent Experts@Business when executing the contract, undertake to handle the data provided by the client in a strictly confidential way, and in compliance with intellectual property rights, copyrights, etc. Experts@Business will not use this information for purposes other than the execution of the contract, nor will they publish, disclose or communicate this information to third-parties, except with the express consent of the client or unless Experts@Business is required by law to share this information.

  4. The price agreed upon will be billed monthly by Experts@Business, according to the amount of progress made.

    Unless stated otherwise, Experts@Business’s invoices are payable in cash at the office of Experts@Business located at Pegasuslaan 5, 1831 Diegem and are without any right to setoff, deduction or suspension of payment. Complaints regarding invoices or the services to which they refer will only be taken into consideration if a registered letter explaining the alleged problem is sent to Experts@Business within eight days of the invoice date.

    Failure to pay by the due date of the invoice will result, without any prior notice given, in a late penalty of an additional 1% per month. Each month commenced shall be regarded as a complete month. The client must also pay damages equal to 10% of the billed amount not paid on time. Furthermore Experts@Business is entitled to refuse to do any additional work, until the full amount of the invoice, interest and damages are received. Experts@Business also reserves the right to prematurely terminate the contract without any prior notice period, and without owing severance payment or other compensation due to the early termination of the contract.

  5. If the agreed upon arrangements are cancelled within a period of one week before the start date, Experts@Business is entitled to a lump sum compensation of 50% of the expected work. If the appointment is cancelled within the 24 hours before the start date, is entitled to a compensation of 100% of the expected work.

  6. If, during the execution of the contract, one of the parties comes to the conclusion that another party, or a sub-contractor or other third-party appointed by that party, is not performing their task in a competent way and is not performing to the best of their abilities, it must, without prejudice to any other claims made between it and third-parties, notify Experts@Business no later than two weeks after the poor performance is detected.

    In such a situation, Experts@Business reserves the right to remedy the poor performance without prejudice to its right to recover damages from the liable or the defaulting party.

  7. If Experts@Business, alone or with others, were to be held liable in any way, whether contractual or extra-contractual, then its total liability to both the client and service provider shall always be limited to (a) the share of damages caused by its error, with the exclusion of any liability in solidum and (b) the amount of the last contested invoice from Experts@Business, with an absolute maximum of € 50,000.00.

    Indirect damage, such as (but not limited to) financial and commercial losses, lost profits, an increase in general costs, additional personnel costs, immaterial damage, pure commercial and/or property damage or opportunities, may in no case result in compensation.

  8. If the contract with Experts@Business is terminated by its client, then all monetary advances already paid shall be considered as equitable compensation for termination of the contract, without prejudice to the right of Experts@Business to claim additional damages as established in the contract.

  9. Nullification of a provision in the general conditions shall only lead to its non-application, and does not affect the other conditions.

    Only the courts of Arrondissement of Brussels-Capital may have jurisdiction in the event of disputes.

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